September 7, 2010

Launsprona - Chapter 1 - Part 1

The flowers were blooming. Like little pink capped soldiers in perfect lines, all straining for sunlight. Gloria stepped as softly as she could across the damp, spongy earth and lowered one tiny hand down to pluck one from its roots; not hearing the miniscule yelp as the flower was torn cruelly away from its cool, damp home. She held it aloft against the sunlight admiring the drops of dew resting on its petals. She stared and stared at the flower as though it were most fascinating and unusual. Then, in an odd, detatched manner she, as her right hand fingers and thumb twirled it around dreamily her left hand pulled the petals off one by one. When the flower was bare, Gloria dropped the little yellow center upon the floor where she stood, then, she simply ran. Ran so very far, but was still far too close.

Others - the pink cosmos stared in identical dismay, their teamate, their relative, their... friend lying, dead, on the moor. They were immobile, stuck helplessly in the vast expanse of land, mourning silently. Watching as their teamate rotted into the ground, petals around it swept by the summer breeze, all the pink capped soldiers could do was stand, still leaning gracefully towards the sunlight.

Gloria leaned back on her hands and looked up at the sun shining above. She looked at the moor, covered in bright green grass, stretching on and on for what seemed like miles in every direction. There was a flourish of dew drop rainbows, small and beautiful like new budding flowers, she sighed with contentment then turned to Christian. His cool green-blue eyes showed that he was not thinking about the beauty and magnificence of the world around him, but something rather more human. Like food or Left 4 Dead 2. Indeed, it was all the most wonderful luxuries and human indulgences he was thinking of; like his PSP, his laptop, his iPod. He couldn't voice his many stories about these things, so, like in every instance when you can think of nothing to say, he said:

"Nice day out,"

"Mm." Gloria gazed out over the moor again, "Uh, so how've you been?" she cleared her throat. Her flat, clearly bored voice pushed the words lazily into the air so that neither she nor Christian would care much about them. She remembered with a sudden pang the days they could speak about anything to each other. Those days had passed.

"Been alright," he sighed, "Missed you over the holidays, though."

Gloria smiled then gave him a playful shove to the side "Missed you, too." the words were full of sincerity, of love but were nothing compared to her smile.

Christian smiled back but remained silent. He had rather a long nose, freckled skin and his short, dark hair was gelled into spikes - the way Gloria always hated. He was looking at something behind her, something she couldn't see, his eyes grew wider and he stared, transfixed so that Gloria didn't even want to look. She swung her head round and squeezed her eyes shut, she counted to five, then opened them. There was nothing there, just air, the grass and the flower buds.

"Don't ya see that?" he said suddenly.


"That," he shot out his arm and pointed to the spot where he had been transfixed.

It was light brown in colour with white dots across its sides, it had large, chocolate brown eyes and thin legs like twigs, it had its head cocked to one side in what appeared to be a look of curiosity. It was a deer. At least, it looked like a deer. Surrounding it was an orange haze, like Martian dust caught up in an orbit around the deer. The edges were all out of focus, it seemed to swaying as the dust distorted it. Gloria blinked several times then rubbed her eyes. The deer was quite simply gone, it had been swept away so that all traces of its already uncertain existence were gone.

"Oh," the next words caught in her throat, "The-the deer, it-it's gone. Did it even ex-exist?"

"Dunno. But, yeah, it's gone" there was a slight quiver in his voice. "What d'ya reckon that weird, orange stuff is? Mist?" He stared at the spot where the deer disappeared, again eyes wide and quite fascinated, his face working much faster than his head. Gloria's scrutiny of him couldn't see the alarm systems and flashing lights behind his eyes.

"Maybe," she said, "Don't touch it, though, just in case."

"Just in case of what? D'ya think it's made of piranahs or somethin'?"

"No, but-but it could be poisonous or... well, I don't know, but still. Trust me, I know these things - I have special powers" Gloria chuckled lightheartedly as her heart inside was turned to lead.

This is Part 1 of Chapter 1 of the story Launsprona, (part 2 tommorow)
Written by Dakota,
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