September 8, 2010

Airport Tragedy

Sorry to those who were expecting Launsprona Part 2, I will post it tomorrow.  Meanwhile, what I wanted to share with you is the Airport Tragedy that occured yesterday, well its not quite a tragedy, I am over exaggerating a bit but it was pretty bad. We manged to catch our flight from Sofia to Gatwick in the last second after an emotional goodbye with my gran and uncle. And after waiting 6 hours at the airport we finally got on the other plane. Once on the plane, the intercom beeps and the pilot announces that the "hdiuojioiauj airplane part is not working" we then had to wait over 1 hour for them to fix it. By the time I got home it was 10.30, which is not bad, but considering I had school the next day. :(

Anyway if you ever find yourself a situation where you have to wait a long time at an airport here is a list of suggestions you could find useful :

* Go inside a technology shop and play with the ipods/ipads/DS ect.
* Do everything in slow motion, thus killing time.
* Travel from one terminal to the other, more than necessary.

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