August 2, 2010

Throwing out old TV's

Forget Cash in the Attic were they auction people old things for cash, here in Bulgaria we like selling them to the gypsies who then smash them up and sell it for scrap metal. Its weird, in the the UK people pay for people to get rid of your stuff (skip/truck) here the gypsies pay for 6 or 7 retro TVs ,15 Lev and then smash them up and sell them for 50 Lev. So yesterday on my Grans villa/farm we managed to find loads of old washing machines and TVs. May they R.I.P's (Rest in Pieces)
The funniest thing was that they couldn't fit them all in their shabby car so one guy was driving and the other guy was holding them onto the front. As they went down the hill I was waiting for a You've been Framed moment, but unfortunately there wasn't one.

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