July 30, 2010

Bulgaria (at last)

This is going to be quite a long post, so if you cant be bothered to read it all I'll summarise it all for you now; Pasta,Pizza and Parma ham, - San Marino - The (mini) cruise- Arrival in Bulgaria. But before all of that you may have noticed that yesterday (29/7/10) there was a post about Beccas and Denicas Birthday. Well, instead of managing to embarrass Becca I embarrassed myself :) As her birthday is in a month (29/8/10) because I got the dates mixed up. Oooops. So anyways if you are still reading....

Pasta, Pizza and Parma ham.
Arriving in Italy we had driven for a few days we slept in Parma. So far in Italy I had eaten pizza and pasta so the only thing left to try was the famous Parma ham and where better to eat it than Parma. We wondered around the city and visited a few churches and museums. Then we visited a local restaurant. The food was delicious , as the parma ham was served with melon. My sister at the melon whilst I ate the parma ham. We then went to the main square where they had sort of like a children's disco outside at 10pm.

San Marino
The next day we traveled to San Marino. Its basically a big rock with towers on it. It has half the population of the Isle of Man and you walk around it easily it is so small. We had to walk uphill for miles to reach the towers. We climbed 2 as the 3rd one was closed. We visited the museum of Torture which gave me lots of ideas ;)

<---- view from the second tower

Mini Cruise ship

The next day from San Marino we drove down to Ancona beach (Italy). We spent a hour on the beach and in the warm water and the we had to go on the boat. But first we had to fill up with petrol because the Greek petrol people (idk what there called) had gone on strike and there was no petrol in the whole of Greece.So we went to find the petrol station. Once we got there it was impossible to fill up the machine was so complicated and in Italian and it wouldn't accept any of our cards, we tried to ask people but there was no-one around. After wasting 20 mins at the petrol station we were about to leave when some other people turned up and luckily they knew English as well as Italian they told us that the card was not being accepted eventually we managed to fill up with cash. Then we had to go and check in which took ages. Eventually we got on the boat and the pool was closed :( Brilliant

Arriving in Bulgaria

Even tough we spent 30 mins going the wrong way we passed through Greece faster than we expected as the motorways were empty as none of the Greeks had any petrol. We then boiled n the car in Bulgaria even though it was 6 o'clock it was still boiling. We arrived eventually and I rushed straight to the computer to write this. Just for you ;)

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