August 19, 2010


Altough it may be 34 degrees outside, do not make the same mistake as me by entering a 1 hour tour of a cave with no socks (wearing sandals), inside the cave it was 5 degrees and when I came out I couldn't fell my toes. Anyways the actual cave located near Vratza is named Ledinika (meaning Ice..) because during the winter amazing stalacite and stalagmites are formed out of ice. But as I was visiting in summer I only saw the the regular cave shapes and forms. And the little pond which was so full of coins that there had to be at least 50 lev in there. BTW Ledinika is also a brand of Bulgarian beer :D

^^^ Photo is very zoomed in.


  1. When you say zoomed in what do ya mean? Is it massive but it's been zoomed in? :S LOL!

  2. ITs tiny about the size of a small kids paddaling pool.