August 12, 2010

Best sea holiday ever!

Ugrrgh... Is what I thought when I first heard that we were going to be spending our 7 days at the Bulgarian coastline with my parents childhood friends and their 2 kids. But actually it was the best beach holiday ever, having someone my age to talk to and do stuff with is way better than any 5 star all-exclusive. It would take for ever to explains what made it so good as there is so much that we (me, Marc,) did. Seaweed fight, giant inflatable caterpillar on the waves, horrible stuffed peppers , mocking racism, going to the beach at night, the baby kittens. His older bother Christian was also lots of fun when we were all watching the lightning on the beach at night and playing TurkeƩ ( card game). Basically I had a really good time and hope to visit them in Canada one day :)


  1. sounds like u had a gr8t holiday!! :)
    p.s thats me magi lol :D