October 11, 2010

The Hole (3D) - Review

  I went to see this movie on Saturday night. Its actually pretty scary considering that there no actual violence or gore involved. I went to see it with 4 of my friends , and whilst 3 of us tried to watch it, Becca was terrified and didn't watch most of it. Most of it was action/adventure but there were a few scenes that made it the-hide-behind-your-jacket-and-take-off-your-3D-glasses scary. Overall the plot was really well structured if not slightly predictable. And the 3D could have played a bigger role. But I would recommend this to any teen who loves Horror movies.


  1. Yup,i agree :) :) and also when are you going to add the header you made yourself?

  2. ohh and also you havent changed the template on the freebies page and its still called DIY ideas so you need to fix that up :) and your new blog template looks ace!