September 20, 2010

You know you are Bulgarian when...

As you already know I am from Bulgaria. But what You probably dont know is some of the wierd things that go on there. Here is a highly amusing list of things, I found on facebook, but as there is 198, I have selected the top 21 . To share with you here (the best one is in capital letters at the end):

1.You have at least one relative called Ivan or Maria.  I have a few
2.No one has ever pronounced your name/surname right, and every kid on the block has a different idea for it.
3.When your gran would rather walk 5 miles to the grocery store instead of pay 10p to take the bus.
4.When you think chalga is good music. Unfortunatly it's the opposite of good.
5.You know you're Bulgarian when all you have to do is sniffle and your parents say "uh-huh" and start yelling at you for getting sick.
6.Your surname ends in either "-ov" or "-ev" or "-va"
You get annoyed when someone asks you why that is so. It just is.
7.You don't buy fruit and vegetables because you grandparents produce them, even though they live a 100 km away from you. Yep.
8.Nobody understands when you nod.
9.You are expected to name your kids after your Parents
10.In your local supermarket there are no pickles or tinned fruit because everyone makes their own.
11.Your neighbourhood looks like a Native American reservation when people start making "zimnina."
12.Instead of a middle name, you have another surname.
13.You like roasted sunflower seeds. Yum
14.You think something is stupid when you don't understand it. Don't we all ;)
15.You eat bread with everything, even with pasta.
16.You know how to make "rakia" at home.
17.Your grandma cooks for 10 people, although there are only 4 people in the house.
She gets worried if you don't get a second helping.
18.The TV channels at home show at least 3 Turkish soap operas per day. My grandma watches all of them.
19.You speak broken Bulgarian after 1 month of being in away and when you can’t remember Bulgarian words, you replace them with English words. Lol, thats me :D
20.When going back to Bulgaria, one suitcase contains your clothes, and the other presents for people there. My mum exactly
21.Going to bed with damp hair, or walking around with no socks and/or slippers on, is a crime punishable by death. And by death I mean "shte te naperdasha!!"  (You'll get a good spanking) ;) Even in the summer :o


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