September 5, 2010

8 Things that annoy me

Here is a list of the things which I can just not stand! In no particular order:

1) People who sit next to you on public transport, even though there are plenty of seats available.
There are loads of other seats, so why sit next to me. Why? Its even worse when they start talking...

2) When I bite a jellybean and its not the colour I expected.
Sometimes I'm even forced to spit the coconut-looking but actually the disgusting Caffe Latte jelly bean.

3)People who write "Love you bbz  <3 <3 <3 xxxxxxxx :) " to there friends?
Seriously, my friends are cool, but there is no need to for that.

4) Chewing Gum
Its disgusting, should be banned, especially is the person is a loud chewer.

5) People who read out loud as they type or write.
Need I say more?

6) People who throw cigarette butts in the sand.
You're digging through the sand and ewww...

7)People who overuse the word 'gay' and use it instead of 'lame'
Your facebook is not being 'gay'

8)People who walk slow

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