August 27, 2010

Cool Gadgets

Cool concept gadgets, which are unlikly to have prototypes made for at least a few years. Oh,well nice ideas.

Polaroid has undergone something of a resurgence of late, with a new Polaroid instant camera released recently. It's a quick turnaround for a gadget which was close to extinction only a couple of years ago. But its iconic appeal has always remained strong, as evidenced by designer Kim Hyun Joong's Movie Polaroid Printer. This cool concept gadget prints your films instantly on a flexible display that uses Touch graphene technology (graphene is a flat sheet of carbon rings just one atom thick which is currently being studied for its electronic applications). Shame we're not likely to see a prototype for a good few years yet.

The iPad is brilliant, sure. But to be honest I can't see James Bond using one; from what I can gather, he's not much of a fan of watching YouTube videos while stretched out on the couch. The iWatch, on the other hand, I could definitely envisage on 007's wrist (once Q has jailbroken it and installed the 'double agent killer' app). The iWatch concept includes an aluminium body, wi-fi support and Bluetooth. There's also 16GB of internal memory and an LCD projector. But unfortunately only Apple can make the device a reality. So Steve, if you're reading, get to work.

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  1. I want an iWatch!!!! Are they really gonna make one?

  2. Oh, my dad has one of them Polaroid things, he has something where you take a picture then it prints and cant you already buy them, they are those cameras that it comes out straight away this is just a more updated version, the other thing is what happened if the picture you had taken wasn't any good and it printed??? :)

  3. Yes, but this one prints VIDEOS, imaine holding something that feels like a photo but MOVES!!!